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Medieval reenactment group

« The Lords of Orient »


The Lords of Orient group reenacts characters living in the kingdom of Jerusalem, during 12th century. 

We propose a camp sitewith 5 tents and 25 characters with historical cosumes. Our equipments, outfits and shows have true historical sourcing (texts, iconography, museum artifacts…) and components (they are not disguises or fake weapons / armors). Our fights are training fights but with real shots, we are not stuntmen or actors or playing a scripted scene.

Our group is composed of history fans, history teachers and archeologists.


        We propose a five-part show :

Introduction to the historical context (by a history teacher) : (10mn) in our confusions and cliché time on touchy subjects (clash of civilization ? Christians against Muslims ?), our group clarifies the early XIIth century situation in the Holy Land, much more a geopolitical matter than a religious one (1st crusade was « against » Turkish pilgrimage blockade and not against Arabs, , Jerusalem is taken to the Egyptian Fatimids, who were the crusaders’ allies at the beginning of the “pilgrimage in arms”, cultural and commercial exchanges remain crucial…). 

      Introduction to the characters and their equipments :

The king, the constable, the knights, the sergeants, the various turcopols…

     Military movements and tactics show :

Shield wall,  quincunxes, formations against archery, cavalry…

     Dual fights in heavy armors  : 

Combat techniques with lances and duals sword+shield 

Knighting ceremony : Ceremony where the esquire becomes a knight after his long military training. He receives then wears the full military equipment, he swears to respect chivalry’s code, receives the ritual slapping and must prove he can fight in a dual.


Join us after our 1st crusade veteran anthem song for photos and more questions (English, Italian and Spanish spoken) and join us during the whole festival for our permanent workshops.

     Weapons and armors :

6 archetypal fighter’s outfits : crusader/franc knight, byzantine and crusader sergeants, turcopols (Arab and Turkish mercenaries), genoas crossbowman…), numerous helmets, weapons and shields. All equipments are exposed and can be touched, tried and worn by the attendance (under our people’s close supervision) for photos, live tests.  

     Archery :

Whole manufacturing process of arrow making, introduction to the various arrowheads and components.

     Historical shield painting :

Paints production (eggs and pigments), canvas and painting on a true full size shield (round or Normand shields)

     Poliorcetics :

Introduction to siege and war machines (siege towers, trebuchets, catapults…)


     Specificities compared with other more traditional groups :

Jerusalem’s kingdom is a rare example of medieval state gathering lots of nations and religions :  "Latin" and "Greek" Christians, Muslims, Jews, Arabs, "Francs", Turks, Armenians, Bedouins, Kurds... We reenact this wide diversity with original civilian and military outfits rarely seen in reenactment or medieval feasts. We focus on cultural meeting and exchanges in the early XIIth century Latin oriental states.

This period immediately following the 1st crusade has never been reenacted in France whereas :

- It’s a key moment in medieval history, and largely unknown to the public.

- It’s a myth and phantasms subject largely used for ideological or political reasons or more simply for the movie industry.

- It is linked to our country and area, « francs » were in majority in the 1st crusade and « Provencals » were the more common among them.

- the « Holy Land » is a space of meeting for nations and religions, they fought but learned to live side to side, learn from the other, adapt and trade.

We do not take part to medieval feasts to disguise ourselves or evoke a whole century (how would you reenact the XXth century ?).

We propose an accurate historical content, we gather to teach and share our research and knowledge with the attendance and the other groups on a notoriously badly known history period and a rarely reenacted theme.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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